Family Resource Center

3 years ago

What Is A Family Resource Center?

The primary goal of these centers is to remove nonacademic barriers to learning as a means to enhance student academic success.

Each center offers a unique blend of programs and services determined by the needs of the population being served, available resources, location and other local characteristics.

FRYSCs have established a record of success based on improved student performance in class work, homework and peer relations as reported by teachers. Parents, too, report they experience greater satisfaction and involvement with the schools as a result of assistance through their local FRYSCs.

Mission Statement:

To enhance students’ ability to succeed in school by developing and sustaining partnerships that promote:

  • Early learning and successful transition to school;

  • Academic achievement and well-being; and 

  • Graduation and transition into adult life.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Mrs. Gretchen Williams

Email Gretchen Williams

Hours of Operation: 7:00am- 3:00pm

Phone Number: (270) 659-0342