Leader in Me

3 years ago

Highland Elementary has recently been renewed for Lighthouse School status.  This certification is valid for three years and shows that Highland Elementary implements the Leader in Me program to a standard that exemplifies a Lighthouse school.  For more information about Leader In Me and Lighthouse schools, read below.  

Within the education industry, it is common for schools to receive recognition for outstanding achievement. The Lighthouse Milestone is a highly regarded standard set by FranklinCovey that is attainable by every Leader in Me School. The attainment of the Lighthouse Milestone represents a significant benchmark, and it is evidence that a high standard has been met by a school. Applying for the Lighthouse Milestone typically occurs three to five years after a school begins The Leader in Me. Becoming a Lighthouse School is a recognition schools earn because they have produced outstanding results in school and student outcomes by implementing The Leader in Me with fidelity. More than 300 schools have achieved this prestigious milestone. The designation is given to schools that have demonstrated the following:


  • The school-campus environment reinforces the leadership model by displaying leadership language that emphasizes individual worth and potential in hallways and classrooms.
  • Teachers integrate leadership language into school curriculum and instruction.
  • Staff collaborates and works together to effectively build a culture of leadership.
  • Students are provided with meaningful student-leadership roles and responsibilities, such as mentor, public speaker, school tour guide, and greeter.
  • Parents are given opportunities to learn The Leader in Me model and the 7 Habits, and are involved in activities that support the leadership model.
  • A system is in place for setting and tracking schoolwide, classroom, academic, and personal goals.
  • Leadership Events are held to allow students to practice their leadership skills (e.g., public speaking, sharing data, confident greetings, etc.) with community business partners, parents, and other educators.
  • The school leadership team meets regularly and oversees schoolwide implementation of the leadership model with the help of students, staff, parents, and community members.
  • Measureable improvements in teacher engagement, parent satisfaction, student behavior, and academic alignment are shown by comparing baseline data with the tracking of ongoing data.

-Courtesy of Franklin Covey Education