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Mission Statement
Jr. Beta practice schedule
Jr. Beta group talent practice will be held Monday-Thursday from 3-5.
Important Dates in January
Jan. 10 Report Cards Go Home
Jan. 20 No School
Jan. 22 FRC Advisory Council 9:30
Jan. 22-24 Jr. Beta Convention
Jan. 30 Student Led Conferences

Families don't forget that good attendance is a key factor in your child's success at school. Join us as we make school attendance a priority this year! We hope to see your child everyday!
Highland Kid's Club
Kids Club is the after school 21st Century Community Learning Center Program at Highland. This program is available every day that school is open from 2:30 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Bus transportation home is also available for participants. Highland Kids Club focuses on providing homework assistance, a healthy, nutritious snack, and lots of fun enrichment activities, including Choir, Cooking Club, Robotics, Walking Club and much more. Fees are $25.00 a month. Kid's Club is currently full. For more information about getting on the waitlist, contact the Coordinator, Angela Lindsey at
  • 3rd grade scholars have been using pattern blocks to explore area. #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland
  • Kinder scholars in Ms. Genelle and Ms. Nicole’s classroom studied about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and his BIG words: freedom, peace, together and love. Each student chose his/her word that drives him/her to be the person he/she is inside. #164scotti...
  • Remember No School on Monday, January 20th due to the MLK, Jr. Holiday. We will see you on Tuesday! #164scotiie #ThisIsHighland
  • Kinder scholars completed a guided drawing of the Pigeon as part of their author study of Mo Willems. #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland
  • 5th grade scholars comparing the perfect metaphor of parent and child to Britain and the 13 Colonies. #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland
  • These 3rd Grader Scholars enjoyed a pizza party for completing their multiplication facts to 12!! Way to go! #164scottie #workhard #workpurposefully #ThisIsHighland
  • 5th grade scholars are multiplying fractions using visual models! #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland
  • First Grade Scholars went on a hunt for text features using books about snow. Ask your scholar how a blizzard is formed! #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland
  • Kindergarten scholars in Ms. Genelle and Ms. Nicole’s class explored makerspace materials they received from their Donors Choose project, Heating Up Kindergarten with STEAM activities! #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland
  • Kindergarten scholars wrapped up a week of reading Mo Willems’ Pigeon series by learning how to draw the pigeon and then creating the front cover to their very own pigeon book. #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland
  • These Kindergarten scholars are writing and illustrating personal narratives about their Christmas break. #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland
  • SINK OR SWIM....5th grade scholars practiced dividing fractions by playing an engaging game of SINK or swim! #164scottie #workhard #ThisIsHighland