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  • Today was a great day of learning! SGE AND HES came together to learn more about Science and Social Studies instruction and how to make the Literacy connection! #164scottie #worktogether #workpurposefully
  • Highland Elementary Office Hours for the week of August 13 - 17 include the following: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00 - 3:00. #164scottie
  • What a great ending to Kindergarten Camp! These Scholars have worked hard this week! #164scottie #workhard
  • Wow - what a wonderful evening! THANK YOU to the families & scholars who came out tonight for our Back to School Bash! We are so excited to see what this year holds for HES! Welcome to 2018-2019 & we can’t wait to get started on August 22nd! 💙 #16...
  • Check out our Specials Staffulty showing their excitement when they looked out and saw the crowd at our Back to School Bash! 💙💙💙 #164scottie #highlandtonewheights
  • These eager Staffulty members can’t wait to see our Scholars in just a few minutes!!!! Back to School Bash 🎉 🎉 starts in 15 mins! #164scottie #highlandtonewheights
  • First Grade Staffulty is geared up and excited to see our Scholars walk through the doors tonight! Back to School Bash is tonight from 5 - 7 PM! #164scottie #highlandtonewheights
  • Our KinderScholars received a delicious lunch today while learning about the Cafe procedures and expectations! #164scottie #worktogether #highlandtonewheights
  • Thumbs up for Kindergarten Camp! It was a GREAT first day for our young scholars. 👍🏻👍🏻 #164scottie #workhard #highlandtonewheights
  • Highland Elementary Office Hours for the week of August 6 - 10 include the following: Monday - Friday 8:00 - 2:00. #164scottie
  • Beginning our last day of the Kentucky Reading Project by focusing on our learning outcomes and discussing ways we can partner with our families! #164scottie #workhard
  • FRIENDLY REMINDER: It’s almost time to see our Scholars! We can’t wait! 😊 #164scottie #worktogether #highlandtonewheights
We are Excited!
We are Excited!
School begins August 22nd. Can't wait to see our Scotties!