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  • This kindergarten teacher is tweeking her technology skills to get ready for the school year. 💙💙💙 #164scottie #highlandtonewheights #KyGoDigital
  • Glasgow Independent Schools will host Open Enrollment on Monday, July 15th from 12-6 PM! #164scottie #highlandtonewheights
  • We had a very busy day getting ready for our Scholars to return! We spent our morning discussing goals and ideas and our afternoon doing a little cleaning. It was a GREAT DAY! 😊 #164scottie #workhard #worktogether #workpurposefully #highlandtonewhei...
  • Office Hours for HES for the next two weeks include: July 8th - July 12th - 8 am - 12 pm July 15th - Open Enrollment for New Students - 12 pm - 6 pm July 16th - July 18th - 8 am - 12 pm #164scottie #highlandtonewheights
  • Highland Elementary Office Hours for the next two weeks are from 9 AM - 3 PM on June 24, 25, & 27, and July 1 & 2. #164scottie #highlandtonewheights
  • We have 3 teachers who are currently participating in the Kentucky Reading Project! Excited to hear what they have to share with our Scholars and Staffulty! #164scottie #workhard #highlandtonewheights #kySRCL
  • ‪We have more Staffulty members who are Google certified! Super proud of their hard work! ‬#164scottie #workhard #workpurposefully #highlandtonewheights
  • These Highland teachers attended The Summit Teaching and Technology conference in Murray, KY. Google Apps 4 Littles, Gerry Brooks, Shakeup Learning and Ditch that Textbook! @PintoBeanz11 @gerrybrooksprin #164scottie #workhard #highlandtonewheights
  • We have a few more 2018-2019 yearbooks! If you wish to purchase one, stop by HES during office hours this week or next to get yours. #164scottie #worktogether #highlandtonewheights
  • HES Office Hours for the next two weeks include: Friday, June 14 - 8-1, Tuesday, June 18 - 8:30-3:00, & Thursday, June 20 - 8:30-3:00. #164scottie #highlandtonewheights
  • Summer Feeding Program is underway at HES! 18 and under eats FREE and adults may purchase a meal for them as well. #164scottie #worktogether #highlandtonewheights
  • Look at all of these Staffulty members who are Google Level 1 Certified Educators! Proud of their hard work and determination. #164scottie #workhard #workpurposefully #highlandtonewheights
Families don't forget that good attendance is a key factor in your child's success at school. Join us as we make school attendance a priority this year! We hope to see your child everyday!
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